Monday, December 14, 2009

Deadwood Free Press

Just when you least expected it ... a roleplay newspaper from the 1878 Deadwood roleplay in Second Life. We really enjoy working on these issues and bringing 19th century journalism ... filled with manipulation and both intentional and unintentional deceit ... to life!

What I like in this issue is not just the silly stuff, like the part in the council story about the goat, but the bits of true life: Dio's story about gunfighters, my editorial about relations between the Indian Bureau and the Army, and the stories told during story night.

To me, part of good immersive roleplay is storing up bits of real details and then being able to call them forth at will. I'd love it if someone read the editorial about treatment of the Indians and used the numbers in a discussion at a saloon. Those true life details ... make the roleplay more true.

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