Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

My typist is sitting here at a desk, listening to people sign in on a conference call. This is the week when corporate America and others schedule what seems like half of their meetings of the year. Everyone is trying to get something done - or discussed - before the holiday season kicks in. So this means I've got meetings all week.

Not everyone of course is lucky enough to have a First Life job in this economy. It's horrible out there. That said, there are plenty of other reasons for people to be busy. There are lots of people desperately job-hunting, engaged in family holiday activities around the season, and/or working with nonprofit groups and the needy.

And that's just First Life.

The thing I'm chuckling about is the book next to me where I write down my short- and long-term 'to do's,' I've also got a full list of activities in Second Life!

There's Caledon Kintyre, which I've only rented for a few months; got a half dozen ideas for that. We've got small libraries about Shakespeare, 19th Century America and Alchemy whose collections are very incomplete, a shooting gallery, ice skating rink, clay pigeon shooting, and a pub, the TimeLock. But there are sooo many more ideas ...

There's roleplay activities, including a newspaper I've been volunteering for 22 months, as well as a new book project. That doesn't include the actual roleplay of course, which I try to do a token amount of in order to stay in the community!

There's helping someone with a project to help orient people to a history sim. Signed onto Google Wave for that.

Then there's things I'm going with pals, but that's enough. Oh wait ... yeah, also helping to start a blog! Welcome to Second Journey.

So here's my question.

How the hell did this happen?

I went into Second Life two years ago to have fun and relax. Doing great on Number 1 but ... man, I'm failing at Number 2. So what's the deal? If someone crazy busy in First Life always going to be crazy busy in Second Life? Makes sense, it's the same typist. Or ... is anyone busy in First Life and NOT busy in Second Life? If so .... HOW !?!


  1. Busy in two lives AND writing an Aetheric Journal? That's no way to relax! :)

    I had to laugh at the separate "to do" lists for both lives - I have the same set of lists...both of which may be worked upon in the same meeting.

  2. I wanted to write a reply, but I was too busy... :)

    Great post!

  3. Oh lordy, do I feel your pain! I've learned from experience that I have a very difficult time just logging in and not building as intricate of a second life as I do in the first. I can log in and hang out for a few days and then I start thinking of how I can contribute, what I can do for folks, how I can be "productive" with my time in world.

    The only time I am not like that in SL is when I am too crazy busy in RL to even consider logging, as I have been lately.

    But you know what? I sure do love it. I love feeling useful, both in sl and rl. I love feeling like I'm doing something with my time and I love helping others. I love being busy. It's a curse and I suppose that as long as I am me, I'll make sure it doesn't get broken.
    Busy makes me crazy but busy makes me happy.

    Grrrrr! lol
    Great post, thank you!